Tacos meet Pennyslvania

Why did we start a Texas taco joint in Pennsylvania? The truth...we missed savory, fast breakfasts Texas is known for. The breakfast taco is a Texas staple, but it should be an everywhere staple. What is better than a warm, homemade flour tortilla, wrapped around savory, bacon, chorizo or brisket paired with soft scrambled eggs and served with La Colombe coffee? Nothing! Come try for yourself. We open everyday (except Mondays) at 7am and serve our breakfast tacos all day long. We are also the only place in Downingtown selling Philadelphia's favorite coffee, La Colombe. Want to do it big? Try our H-Town Taco - Brisket, Re-fried Beans, Bacon and a Fried egg on a warm homemade flour tortilla. It is truly something to write home about. Take a look at our current line-up of Breakfast tacos...We will be adding more items soon!

Breakfast Tacos- all tacos served on Estrellas signature flour tortillas

Chorizo, Egg and Cheese

Texas Brisket and Fried Egg

Braised Black Beans, Egg and Cheese

Potato, Egg and Cheese

Migas- corn tortilla, guajillo salsa, scrambled egg, caramelized onions, pico de gallo, Estrella cheese blend

H-Town Breakfast taco- smokey bacon, Brisket, Estrella cheese blend, Fried egg

Megan Bruton