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C.W. Bruton
Operating Partner

Ashlee Boyne
General Manager

Dejon Gardner
Kitchen Manager






It's more than a restaurant, it's a lifestyle

Estrella isn’t Mexican food (Sorry, no rice, no ground beef) and it isn't just a place to get a taco and a craft beer. Estrella Tacos y Mas is an epic place for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner but we also want it to be an epicenter of the Downingtown community. With 40+ years combined restaurant experience Megan, a native Texan and C.W. a third generation resident of Downingtown, together have created more than a restaurant. Their goal is to bring the live-wire energy and sense of togetherness unique to Megan's cherished Austin, Texas right here to PA.

Estrella is the spot where we hope you'll want to meet your friends for a drink and a night out or bring your family for a weekday dinner. We want to be more than a restaurant. Estrella is a place where everyone feels welcome. It's good food, good friends and always a good time.

At Estrella, our food isn't fussy. We serve the food and drinks that we love and serve at our home to family and friends. Think of it more as taco truck meets craft beer bar. It’s the dining experience and comfort food we craved but couldn't find in PA. It’s  tacos wrapped in warm, homemade tortillas, it’s Texas style brisket and barbecue, it’s craft beers or cocktails (we have the best margaritas around) and a chill, laid-back, non-judgmental Austin, TX vibe – right here in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Start your day with the breakfast tacos Austin is known for - bacon, egg and cheese or brisket and egg (Served all day) - and visit us for brunch, lunch or dinner for all day tacos, Texas classics like smoked brisket, sausage wraps, queso and more – all things that you too will soon crave.

We hope to serve y'all soon!